What a COSI meeting that was…

Posted on December 5th, 2011 by cleach

Last week I attended the AGM of the COSI-EMEA user group at Birkbeck College of London University. COSI-EMEA stands for the Customers of SirsiDynix International – Europe, Middle East and Africa, though I have to say there weren’t many non-UK EMEAns present.

Our Horizon library management system is now one of SirsiDynix’s legacy products, but we plough on with it (indeed we are about to sign up for a 3-year SaaS deal to host Horizon on their servers) because we are just starting to implement the Library Systems Strategy that was given the thumbs-up by the University a few weeks ago, and spending a lot of cash on a new whizzy LMS system with all the associated implementation, linking to other new products and major staff retraining was a leap too far for th emoment. Once the new discovery products and other systems are being put in place, we will have time to review how the LMS market is moving – there’s lots of web-scale and open source activity going on in this area, which should give us more choice at that point.

Having said all this, I still decided that the vacancy on the user group committee was me-shaped, so I volunteered. I’ve done this sort of thing before, for the old Horizon User Group (COSI, HUG – think there’s a theme trending here….) so I know what’s involved, AND I would make sure that those of us still using Horizon would get represented. There may even be a possibility of going to the US user group (COSUGI) conference in Florida. Hey, it’s a dirty job…….etc.

One of the themes of the AGM was around the mixed quality of the helpdesk support provided by SirsiDynix. Many (including yours truly) reported that, since the helpdesk support was removed entirely to the US, and Utah in particular, we didn’t often get a reply to our logs until after 3pm UK time (8am Utah time), so there was an inevitable delay. There is supposed to be a dedicated EMEA support team working EMEA time, but there wasn’t a lot of evidence of that. Despite this, the support we received ranged from excellent to indifferent, so the message went back to the company panjandrums that it needs looking at.

The next COSI committee (the first one for me) will be late January/early February, so watch this space!



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